The ancient way to play the poetry card game.
YouTube: 60 seconds Women playing karuta in kimono (Jp)

Japanese children in primary school play Karuta.
YouTube: 2 minutes  Japanese Children play in schools  (Jp)

Scenes from national competitions in Japan. The real thing.
YouTube: 30 seconds National competition 2010 (Jp)

Japan's Kyogi Karuta champion since 14 years.
Youtube: 60 seconds - Kyogi Karuta (Jp)

Youtube: 13 minutes video Kyogi Karuta Training

Youtube: 11 minutes Manga Chihaya furu episode 11
About kyogi karuta with english subtitle

Below is a video clip of how Swedish people play the Swedish Ogoola Karuta with Swedish poems.

Below are video clips of 9th graders playing the Swedish Ogoola Karuta at the Athene skolan junior high school in Sweden.

Youtube: 18 seconds video clip Fun!

Youtube: 18 seconds video clip Fast!

Example how to play with friends I (swedish Ogoola)
YouTube: 62 seconds Ogoola Karuta diktspel - Chirashidori (Swe)

Example how to play with friends II (swedish Ogoola)
YouTube: 56 seconds Ogoola Karuta diktspel - Genpei Gassen (Swe)

SvD (The Swedish News Paper): Article on Ogoola Karuta from December 9th, 2012

Skollyftet: Article on Ogoola and Skolforum 2012